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How to Protect Your Business & Brand Reputation from Phishing Attacks

As COVID accelerates the digital transition of business and cloud computing, an all too familiar story is unfolding. It goes something like this; a client comes to us because their business’s brand reputation was damaged through no fault of their own. One of their customers had complained about how their bank account was compromised after they handed over their account details via an email request sent from our client; only our client never sent the email!

Email in a Covid-19 world and beyond

Back in 2008 when the GFC hit, I was fortunate enough to be working for Epsilon International. Working across clients like Coles, Dell, World Vision and many other similar calibre clients email programs I saw firsthand the massive rise in marketing to owned assets as marketing budgets were slashed.

Email History

Not only is the is it the first and oldest form of digital
mass marketing, but I doubt even Ray Tomlinson could have imagined how relevant
and critical email was going to be, for both consumers and marketers alike, when
he pressed send on what was the first email in 1971 nearly 50 years ago.