About Us

How we are pioneering the art of human connectivity


“Culture doesn’t make People, People make Culture.”
Our job is SERVE our Clients, Not Sell.
This premise alone is why we have thrived over 12 years in business and it has attracted valuable relationships to the business in the form of both Clients( Government & Brands) and Staff.
We care very much about the footprint we leave behind and we will continue to adopt the Profit For Good model, serving community and the underprivileged children in particular, whenever we can.
“Skills are common. Talent is rare.”

We have the formed the Dream Team that can do it better than anyone else in Australia.

This combined talent is also why Tier1 Brands and both State and Federal Governments choose RAEDIUM to run their Advertising campaigns.
“If you don’t Sow, then You don’t Reap.”
When you are the longest running Prospecting Email Network in Australia, strong and loyal relationships are built along the way with Clients, Suppliers and the RAEDIUM Team.  We are careful on who we decide to invite to our inner circle because only genuine and meaningful relationships last the distance.
“Without Data, you’re just another person with an opinion.”
We were once a Media only business.  We are now a Media and Data company and our SuperPower is DATA.  Data is the key ingredient that helps us facilitate meaningful connections between Consumers and the Brand message.We dont make money when we sell something, we make money when we help someone make a purchase decision.


We seek to make a positive change in everything we do.

We are a forward-thinking company using the Email channel, Data and intelligence to connect governements andbrands with the people who want to hear from them.

Being in both Media and Technology, we want to bring together the perfect blend of Digital advertising, Data offerings and Marketing Technology to all companies from your local plumber to the big 4 banks and every business in between.

Email Lovers

RAEDIUM are the most experienced Australian company in the worlds first true digital advertising channel.

We are in the business of giving Brands the Privilege of talking to people who want to hear from them, not the right, the Privilege.

Marketing FOR them, not TO them.

When you have the Privilege to talk to people, you dont have to yell at them.
12.3 Million Australian consumers have given us consent to serve them messages via Email that are Important and Relevant to them.
Our job is to connect only Important or Relevant Brand messages, to the consumer who wants to hear from them.
Eureka tower Melbourne

We stop at nothing

While other media channels are trying to reinvent themselves in a data centric world, RAEDIUM has been the intelligent choice for media data since 2008.

As RAEDIUM evolves, we are using more data to support everything from Programmatic display advertising to TV buying and beyond.

We still stand behind our beliefs that email is the most effective marketing channel available today.

We Love To Innovate

Our vision is all about looking forward. While it is always important to remember where we have come from, we are never going to be a group of people who say that’s enough.

In a world 2.0, we must be creative, we need to rethink the status quo and there needs to be enormous innovations to get the attention and be relevant to consumers.

e+ is email marketing 2.0
It’s the new generation of powerful and relevant communication using the world’s first and most received on digital channel.

Contact us for more information on e+

We Take Compliance Seriously

As RAEDIUM has grown it has continued to police the industry with a large emphasis being placed on compliancy and protecting the subscriber.

Therefore RAEDIUM Digital Media is the preferred email partner for some of Australia’s biggest advertisers including Federal and State Governments, Financial Institutions and Utility companies that have their own compliance teams that need to approve the medium.

RAEDIUM has always ticked all boxes by way of compliance as we understand to get the best results for our clients, we need to ensure we pass our own strict guidelines.

We've Been Doing This For Years

In 2018 we saw a major shift in Digital thinking thanks to GDPR. While everyone was battling to ensure they were compliant to a privacy measure that was predominately for Europe, email had already been far more privacy compliant for years thanks to the Australian SPAM act and our national privacy policies.

Our recipients tell us about themselves in order to receive a better quality of email for themselves rather than us having to make assumptions based on behaviours. We take this information very seriously, hence why our compliance protocols are being emulated by other businesses for their internal databases.

Your Dream. Our Mission.

We Believe In Hard Work And Dedication

RAEDIUM isn’t just another email company. We are the email experts.

Our team has almost 80 years digital media experience between them making RAEDIUM the most experienced team in Australasia.

All this experience combines to bring the latest offerings to market and also create easier pathways for our partners to bring email as a channel to their campaigns.


We Are Going To Change The World By Changing email