About Us Detail


After graduating from a Marketing degree, RAeDIUM’s founder started his working career as a busboy in a prominent Melbourne nightclub, cleaning tables, cleaning toilets and restocking bar fridges. His interest in people saw him become a Club Promoter and even hosted Robbie Williams’ and Ricky Martin’s After Parties.

When he decided it was probably time to ‘grow up’ he worked for the Herald Sun (HWT, Australia’s highest circulating newspaper) answering calls for the Classifieds department, drawing up text ad placements for Garage Sales, Death, Birth and other notices.

He always wondered what it was like working for other more prominent departments and the catalyst for change came when he received a call from a Mother who lost her 9day old daughter. Nothing trained Ranil to respond to a wailing Mother, questioning God and life, and all this while trying to maintain composure. Once the Death notice was complete, he stood up and walked away and didn’t know if he’d ever return.

Ranil then received a call from another Herald Sun Manager offering him a role in one of the other prominent departments: Entertainment/Gig Guide, in which he ended up accepting the offer, and consequently running 2 years later.

Ranil was then offered a job at an Online Advertising consultancy firm where he built a solid client base and made strong relationships.

Years later there was a discussion with the Group Sales Manager of the firm about ‘fairness’ in which Ranil’s head and heart didn’t agree, but saw him follow his heart and parted ways.

Unemployed, confused and his first born due in 10days. How would he feed 3 mouths?

In the days and weeks ahead, Ranil received advertising briefs via phone calls, social media messages and his personal hotmail account, looking for advice and recommendations.

With the support of Ranil’s amazing wife, in 2008 RAeDIUM was born.

The objective? To always add more value than anyone else in the marketplace, and to continue the true passion of helping others (clients and the community).

PS: He still hasn’t grown up…

Purpose: The Power of Giving Back

“We believe in the true power of helping others.”

This belief transcends RAeDIUMs business ethics, to what we also do outside of business hours. We wish to inspire everyone we deal with to also consider the value and power of ‘giving back’.

To date RAeDIUM has contributed to more than 50 charities and other supportive causes.

When RAeDIUM was born, Ranil had a vision for the business to contribute a sustainable donation to a 3rd World country by November 2011.

In November 2011, RAeDIUM built 2 x water wells in the North of Sri Lanka (Jaffna region that was devastated by the destructive 2010 tsunami).

This year the vision is to help contribute towards a wing of an orphanages in Laos. We are nearly there…

Why Clients Work With Us

To leverage off the Resources, Intel, Insights and experiences within our specialty of email marketing/lead generation and marketing in general.

Most importantly, to read between the lines for each brief and find ways to connect with the right audience on an effective level.