We are eDM (electronic direct marketing) specialists.

About Us

  • Why


    We believe in the true power of helping others. We know Email Marketing is an untapped and very powerful digital media channel and Direct Response component of the Marketing Mix, and aim to genuinely help as many advertisers understand how it will work for them.

    We continue to strive to be known as the Email Marketing Specialists and plan achieve this by being a Trusted, Honourable and Respected Leader in Australasia’s digital landscape.

  • How


    We connect Advertisers with their target audience by strictly partnering with Spam Compliant Publishers/Databases* that have insights on their audience profiles to only serve RELEVANT campaigns to those who have shown an interest, or expressed a need or want in particular goods or services. *We are proudly Publisher/Database agnostic

    Our Reach

    Over 12.5 Million Australian email addresses

    • Reach

      Over 12.5 M illion




    • Gender Split

      Female 51.8%

      Male 48.2%

    • State Splits

      NSW 32.3%

      VIC 28.7%

      QLD 18.8%

      WA 8.2%

      SA 7.3%

      Other 4.7%

      (Postcode targeting is available)
    • Age Splits

      18-24 18.0%

      25-34 22.6%

      35-44 29.4%

      45-54 15.2%

      55-64 8.7%

      65+ 6.1%

    • Income Splits

      <$25K 12.1%

      $25-$35K 9.3%

      $35-50K 25.2%

      $50-$75K 23.8%

      $75-$100K 18.1%

      $100K+ 11.5%

    Other selection criteria available

    We can target life stages, (parents, married, retired etc), Buying intentions, (looking to purchase a new car, looking to purchase property etc), Behavioural, (recently interacted with a campaign from x vertical or x type advertiser) etc.

    Please contact us for available numbers for your specific brief.

  • What


    We make our clients look good.

    Advertising Agencies and our Direct Clients understand it is a cluttered and noisy digital marketplace hence why we invite our Clients leverage to off our Intel, Insights and Experience to identify the Advertiser’s audience.

    We also don’t believe in 10+ page presentations, our clean and simple recommendations get straight to the point and they include:
    1. Reasonings on our recommendations
    2. Relevant Case Studies
    3. eDM Examples (competitors/similar)
    4. Subject line recommendations
    5. We focus on post analysis reports to identify learnings for potential future campaigns

Management Team



Working with RAeDIUM has allowed us to source not only the best email inventory for our advertising partners, but also the best and most honest advice from one of the most experienced email marketers in Australia – and this has proven the difference when using RAeDIUM.

Jason Tonelli


Executive Director - Technology, Digital & Content

From briefing to Post Analysis RAeDIUM provide a service that’s unparalleled. An obvious strength is in the quality and ability to holistically provide business solutions whilst ensuring all details big and small are considered. As a client my validation rest in receiving proposals that are on brief, intellectual with a high level of understanding of not only communication objectives but also business/industry challenges. In an industry where courtesy gives way to demand RAeDIUM is the exception, the practice of meeting deadlines without sacrificing excellence is clearly a mark of the philosophy of putting clients first. To cap it off this is all done with a smile.

Abdul Yacin


Digital Media Specialist

I have been working with RAeDIUM for about 18 months now. I have found the RAeDIUM team to be exceptionally proficient. Their expertise in all things digital marketing has meant that we have seen fantastic return on our marketing spend. The team at RAeDIUM have provided us with valuable insights into the latest trends and methods around digital marketing, that lead to us being ahead of the game. I would have no problem recommending RAeDIUM to anyone who is serious about driving their marketing dollars further.

Scott Forrest


Australiasian Marketing Manager

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